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Lowest Cost Knee Replacement in India

Why Aurangabad is all set to become the most desired place for orthopedic patients?

Arthritis affects millions of people belonging to different age groups. The condition is extremely painful and distorts normal day to day lifestyle of people. It’s a work-related disability and bars people from even running, walking or bending. Osteoarthritis can be treated with the help of knee replacement surgeries which has become quite popular and is on high demand now. This demand is making doctors and hospitals charge a lot of money for the treatment as well. People, without any options left, are paying huge bills to get quality treatment for their arthritis and to get rid of their knee pain. The condition is worse as many are also not being able to afford the cost and are bearing with the pain daily.


No need to worry anymore!

How amazing would it have been if we could get the best quality treatment that too at a lower price? And is it really possible to get the same treatment involving cutting edge technology and world-class equipment at a lower and affordable rate?

It is surprising but the answer is a YES.

At Aurangabad in Maharashtra, Dr. Santpure, with his team of highly experienced doctors conducts knee and hip replacement surgeries along with several other orthopedic surgeries at extremely affordable rates.

But it is to be noted that, just to keep the bills down, he has not compromised with the quality of treatments and equipment used in the surgery. He has been able to keep the prices of the services down owing to a few reasons as follows:

  • He owns a set up of his own that helps him keep the service charges low, unlike private hospitals.
  • He procures all the equipment in bulk and thus his investments remain low, helping him provide the treatments at a lower rate.
  • Also, the strategically located hospital, in Aurangabad (Aurangabad being a cheaper city than many other metro cities in India) has contributed to the affordability.

Dr. Santpure’s services are unparallel and can challenge any of the well-known multispeciality hospital’s offerings when it comes to knee and hip replacement surgeries.

The quality and the affordability of the treatments offered by Dr. Santpure have made him immensely popular in and around Aurangabad and he is considered to be the best orthopedic surgeon in the area. This is rightly validated by the number of surgeries conducted every month under his supervision and their success rates. He has a record of conducting 100 orthopedic surgeries every month of which 30 to 40 percent of the surgeries are knee or hip replacement surgeries. He gives utmost importance to the quality of treatment and ensures a better life after the surgery to patients. Book an appointment with him now.

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