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Orthofix device

Patients might face difficulty in healing after getting bone injuries or a spinal fusion surgery. Certain health factors impair the natural healing processes of the bones in a majority of the cases. In patients with fractures, the doctors diagnose the condition as a nonunion where proper healing does not take place. If the condition is seen after a spinal fusion surgery, the doctors may site that further treatments would be required for proper fusion.

What is the use of the Orthofix Device?
When healing problems with the bones arise, the doctors would commonly prescribe a treatment which is known as the bone growth therapy using bone stimulators. The device stimulates the natural healing process of the bone by emitting very low-level electromagnetic pulses to the injury site.
This treatment procedure is based on the principle that an electric field is created when the bone is broken or bent. This low-level electric field is actually a part of the natural healing process of the body which stimulates the healing of the bone. Sometimes the healing process fails and a bone growth therapy is used to help the process. The Orthofix Device offers a safe and most importantly, a non-invasive treatment that helps to promote the healing in the fractured bones. These devices simulate the natural healing process by the emission of low-level electromagnetic pulses to the site of injury.

How does the Orthofix Device work?
The Orthofix device creates a low-level pulsed electromagnetic field. This PEMF activates the natural healing process of the body. This affects the healing process at the tissue, cellular, and molecular level. The PEMF activates the signalling pathways which enhances the formation of the bone. This increases the population as well as the maturity of the bone-building cells. Thus there is higher bone density at the tissue level. This signal is generated by a coil built into a fabric garment worn over the site of fracture or surgery.

When does this Orthofix device come into use?
Though in theory, the device can heal any damaged or fractured bone, they find use only in certain parts of the body. The device finds the most applications in the vertebrae that are fused within the spine. The stimulators can also be employed to support the fractures in the lower legs or hands or accelerate their recovery. These devices can also be used in the upper leg, arms, shoulders, the bones of the feet or the pelvis.

The Orthofix Device is very helpful in healing the bone cells.

Authored By: Dr. S. V. Santpure

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