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Advantages of Navio Robot for Knee Replacement Operations

Date :29-Jul-2022

A Knee Replacement Surgery is required when you are suffering from severe knee pain. During surgery, the damaged knee joints are taken out and replaced with artificial joints, often known as implants or prostheses. Robotic knee replacement surgery will significantly enhance your quality of life by restoring knee function and reducing or possibly getting rid of knee pain. This page focuses on the advantages of NAVIO-assisted robotic complete and partial knee replacement surgery.   Robotic knee replacement surgery has a number of advantages over conventional procedures, including the foll

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Everything About Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Date :12-Jul-2022

Did you know that the knee is the body's largest joint? The fact that it is essential to almost all daily activities also implies that it is vulnerable to damage and wear and tear. Robotic knee replacement surgery may be able to provide relief for people with severe knee pain brought on by osteoarthritis, with quicker recovery times and more durable outcomes. An artificial joint is used to replace the damaged tissue in the knee during a typical knee replacement treatment. The same technique is carried out with a robotic arm during a robotic knee replacement.   A mechanical arm with spec

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Facts About Ceramic Hip Replacement

Date :31-May-2022

Hip replacement surgery replaces the ball-and-socket joint of the hip with artificial materials. Metal, plastic, and ceramic can all be used to substitute the hip joint. Ceramic hip implants are among the newer types of prostheses used for hip replacement, providing greater resistance to damage and smooth joint movement. Ceramic is a strong, scratch-resistant, low-friction material that helps to reduce the wear and tear commonly associated with metal. Many surgeons now consider them to be an improvement over traditional metal-and-plastic implants, in which the deterioration of the plastic can

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Risk Factors for Hip Replacement

Date :02-May-2022

Total Hip Replacement is one of the most effective and cost-effective medical treatments. The surgery provides consistent pain relief and significant improvement in function in people with osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis of the hip. During Hip Replacement, the damaged elements of the hip joint are removed and replaced with metal, ceramic, or very durable plastic parts by a surgeon. This prosthesis (artificial joint) helps to alleviate discomfort and increase function. Given below are some of the risks connected with hip replacement surgery:   Blood clots After surgery, clot

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Total Knee Replacement Surgery and Its Pain Management.

Date :24-Feb-2022

Total knee replacement, also called knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure where the damaged surface of a knee is resurfaced. The ends of the bone that forms the knee joint and the kneecap are capped or resurfaced using plastic or metal parts. Resurfacing the damaged joint relieves the patient from constant pain that usually cannot be controlled by other means. Though arthritis is the most common factor, severe physical trauma can also necessitate this procedure. The patient is put under anaesthesia; intravenous antibiotics are given; followed by a nerve block around the damaged knee t

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खांदा प्रत्यारोपण शस्त्रक्रियेची मला गरज आहे का?

Date :25-Feb-2020

शस्त्रक्रियाला पर्याय म्हणून इतर ज्या काही पद्धती आहेत उदाहरण:-ध्यान करणे अथवा खांद्याला मसाज ह्या पद्धती वापरून देखील जर खांद्याचे दुखणे कमी होत नसेल तर शेवटचा उपाय म्हणून डॉक्टर आपल्याला खांदा बदलण्याची शस्त्रक्रिया सुचव

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चांगल्या झोपेची मुद्रा आपल्याला मानदुखीचे दुखणे टाळण्यास मदत करते

Date :03-Feb-2020

चुकीच्या अवस्थेमध्ये झोपल्याने आपल्यास मानाचा त्रास होऊ शकतो किंवा पाठदुखी होऊ शकते. यामुळे स्लीप एपनियासारख्या इतर गुंतागुंत देखील होऊ शकतात कारण यामुळे आपल्या फुफ्फुसातील वायुमार्ग अडथळा आणला जातो. चांगल्या  झोपायला झो

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Is there an alternative to hip replacement surgery?

Date :26-Dec-2019

Hip replacement is now a common procedure, especially for the elderly, most of us have had some friend or family member go in for a full hip replacement surgery when they faced pain arising out of the same, however, there are two other alternatives available which will help in relieving the pain and could be minimally invasive. These methods are used in accordance with the condition of the patient, therefore, a careful study is required before deciding which method to opt for, and however, these techniques have truly emerged as credible alternatives to hip-replacement surgery. Surface Repl

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Things to know about Osteotomy

Date :16-Oct-2019

Osteotomy is a surgery where the bones are cut and realigned. Osteoarthritis is a disease that usually occurs in the hips & knees. Osteotomy can also be performed for other knee surgeries such as cartilage surgery, bow-legged issues, or knock-kneed. Recently, women aged between 30 - 40 are more likely to get arthritis, and it is a challenge to do knee replacement. Causes There are a few reasons why osteotomy would be performed, such as the following: Age - with age, the ability of cartilage to heal decreases Heredity - specific inherited abnormalities could cause issues for knees Exce

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Cervical Disc Replacement May Be A Great Option For Your Neck Pain

Date :27-Sep-2019

Your neck is formed of small bones called Vertebrae. The bones, ligaments, and muscles of your neck support your head and allow it a range of motion. Any abnormalities, inflammation, or injury to the neck region can cause pain or stiffness. What Causes Neck Pain? Bad posture while sitting, sleeping and walking can cause you neck pain. Carrying a heavy shoulder bag regularly. Arthritis. Infections. Sports injuries or any other kind of traumas. Monotonous motion. Slipped disk. Muscle strain. Cervical Disk Replacement It is a surgical procedure in which the damaged cervical disc

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Difference Between Knee Replacement And Hip Replacement

Date :11-Jul-2019

Knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries are the most common and successfully performed surgeries in the world. Knee and hip replacement surgeries were first performed in the 1960s. Since then, the developments in surgical equipment and technology have greatly influenced its effectiveness. Knees and Hips are the largest joints in the human body and they work in coordination to help a person walk, run or play. Most people at some point of time in their lives may experience joint pain, especially with increasing age. Knee and hip pain even make our normal physical activities very difficul

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Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery – A Revolution in Orthopedics

Date :28-Nov-2018

We often hear old people and even the middle-aged complaining about unbearable pain in the knee caused by osteoarthritis. The condition is mainly caused due to the wear and tear of the knee joints. Such a condition causes extreme pain and even restricts movement.   A more severe condition of osteoarthritis calls for a total knee replacement procedure. One of the most important aspects of a knee replacement procedure is the positioning of the implants or the prostheses in the most precise manner. The longevity of the replacement depends on the alignment of the prosthesis, the balance o

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